another Boris Spremo story

The late PM Diefenbaker
by Boris Spremo

Toronto. The late Boris Spremo, PHSC member, speaker, Toronto Star photographer,  and an illustrious photographer as well has another story about his work here on a local Museum website.

This iconic silhouette of PM Diefenbaker will strike a chord with those of you who followed politics 1950s and 1960s. “Dief the Chief” was a strong willed lawyer from small town Canada who was a driving force in the final design of our flag and a constant thorn in the side of LBJ when John Diefenbaker was in the opposition.

Who can forget his stirring speeches as PM peppered with his signature phrase my fellow Canadians? Or his disastrous decision to cancel the Avro Arrow, an advanced fighter jet created here in Toronto, in favour of American jets.

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