a fair day in the fall

A row of Agfa-Ansco box cameras shown by a collector from New York State

Toronto. Bob Lansdale and I scooted down 27 and along Evans to the Trident Hall. On this bright but chilly day, the parking lots and fair were packed by the time we arrived a bit after 10 in the morning.

Mark and Clint had arrived about 2 am to find the Labour-Ready folk  were non-shows one and all. Fortunately the Hall staff were there cleaning up after a late running event and helped Clint and Mark place the tables ready for our fall fair. The step ramps had disappeared since we last used them in the spring and the exhibitors had to go long ways around by the admissions doors or brave the short series of steps.

Mark said a number of exhibitors had signed up just the day before the show and he had to open the gymnasium as a result.

Lots of goodies were offered for sale and display. Bob Lansdale happily photographed some rare old items. Willy Nassau brought along his hand made samples of Talbot’s “mouse-traps” – hand size wooden cameras used around 1839 by Henry Fox Talbot in his positive/negative process which competed with the daguerreotype. Willy said his biggest challenge was the lens for each tiny camera, not the woodwork. The lens was made of one or more meniscus element.

We saw many familiar faces and enjoyed the chatter and ambiance. It was a great day and a wonderful venue for finding both usable items and additional collectibles. See you in the spring! Next up for us is the image show in late November and our estate auction in early December (the dates and places are listed in the right sidebar).

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