… getting to the end of the day.

A screw-mount Leica with a 9cm Thambar lens

Toronto. ¬†Dennis Waterman sang these words as part of the New Tricks theme song. They are very appropriate as a tag line for 35mm film. The late Jack Naylor noted in his brochure that many cameras before the Leica used 35mm film, but the 1925 marketing of the tiny Leica revolutionized photography. In fact, early Leica manuals emphasized that you could enlarge the tiny inch by inch and a half Leica negative to a decent 8×10 print or even larger.

My friend and editor of Photographic Canadiana, Bob Lansdale, emailed me the other day that the Leica M7 was discontinued in May of this year, leaving only the Leica MP and the Leica M-A as the remaining film versions of the famous marque.

The Leica film SLRs and lenses in that mount disappeared years ago, victims of cost and a lack of interest. Canon film cameras have also disappeared this year according to PetaPixel.¬†Nikon makes a couple of film cameras at the moment too. But as the song says, we are “… getting to the end of the day“.

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