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Leica M10-P from
Leica Camera USA

Toronto. Nearly 50 years ago I bought my first Leica. It was an M4 with a 50mm Summicron (f/2) lens. After the 40th anniversary of the original M-series (M3 prototype in 1952, marketed in 1954) in late 1994, I did a presentation on the famous marque and in the ensuing Q&A, I casually said the Leica name would probably disappear since at the time the company was in a huge upheaval.

Yet here we are in 2018 and Leica Camera USA has just announced the release  of the Leica M10-P with a special 24 MPX sensor – even quieter than any previous model – film or digital. The body-only is a jaw dropping $8,000US.

While most M-series bayonet mount lens can be used, most current lenses (using familiar names like Summicron) are prefaced with the term Apo – for apochromatic. Far better than lenses of a half century ago, they are astoundingly more expensive (although if you factor in inflation and exchange, the price today for camera and lens is actually comparable to 50 years ago; it’s just that good alternatives are far cheaper today).

The M10-P press release states, “”The Leica M10-P has emerged as the embodiment of all of the stealth technology Leica has gathered over many years of producing inconspicuous, unobtrusive cameras.

“It’s quiet, that’s for sure, and it’s easier to use than traditional rangefinder Leicas because of the focus assist functions. Photojournalists, street photographers and others who are currently using Leica M cameras—digital or film—will find the new M10-P the perfect partner for their M-series lenses.”

Check out the website for the American Leica organization at Leica Camera USA. My thanks to editor Bob Lansdale (another Leica user) who emailed me the reminder yesterday.

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