Irving Pobborasvsky

The late Irving Pobborasvsky in late 1970s by Walter Johnson

Toronto. We were recently advised by the Daguerreian Society that the life of the late Irving Pobborasvsky was celebrated on Sunday, July 29th, 2018. The notice said in part, “As many of you may be aware Irving Pobboravsky passed away last month after a short illness.

“On July 29th his family and friends will be celebrating his life in Rochester.  Irving was one of the first to make daguerreotypes in the early 1970s and was thrilled to share his knowledge over the last nearly 50 years with anyone who asked.

“Every contemporary daguerreotypists owes a debt of gratitude to Irv, many made daguerreotypes when they heard the news of his passing. Many more will be paying him homage by making daguerreotypes today, July 29th.”

Many of our members are also members of the Daguerreian Society. Dr Mike Robinson of this city was once president of both the PHSC and later the Daguerreotype Society. Robinson is also a modern day Daguerreian photographer and a world acknowledged expert on the medium first announced in January 1839.

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