Kryptar B&W film

May 1948 LIFE magazine ad
for Kryptar Film

Toronto. Last Saturday, George Dunbar asked an interesting question, “Anyone ever heard of this film?” I certainly hadn’t. In 1948 I would have been in grade six and my family used only Kodak products as did most Canadians of the time. George’s question was about a film advertised in the May 1948 issue of LIFE.

A browse of the web with Google came up with little of interest. A photo-finishing service, Lux Eterna, offered a pdf for processing old and obscure films including Kryptar while other sites suggested using ordinary B&W developers and times.

Fiddling with the search phrase brought to light this newsletter written in the fall of 1999 by The Photographic Historical Society across the lake in Rochester. The newsletter then edited by the late Joe Bailey covered the short lived Kryptar Film Corp. that almost died in a fire about the time the LIFE magazine ad saw the light of day. The factory was rebuilt and Kryptar film lived on a bit longer.

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