the era of digital cameras

Two simultaneous injections are easier on the tiny patient

Toronto. The trend from the beginning of photography in 1839 was improved simplicity and accuracy. Today, with the era of digital photography, the making of a photograph is simplicity beyond belief: Focus, exposure, light balance, speed, and aperture are set automatically on the fly.  Images appear on the camera back instantaneously. Shaky? Blurry? Poorly framed? Shoot again!

No need to print – send to friends by email or internet. Just store it on a computer and for the truly old fashioned, a few quick presses of computer keys (and a few seconds), then the computer’s inkjet printer shoots out a copy – even on a print-like 4×6 inch piece of glossy or matt paper if you so choose.

The above image was taken by me back in 2012 with a Sony digital camera. The subject was my baby granddaughter being immunized in her doctor’s office. A Kodak moment indeed!

To learn more, come and hear our December speaker, Dr Jennifer Orpana of the ROM who will speak on Family Photo Archives!

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