Let George do it

Mr George Eastman
of Rochester NY

Toronto. The dry plate process as described by Dr Maddox quickly reached North America and served as the basis for George Eastman to quit his bank job and establish the Eastman Plate Company in 1881. He had experimented with dry plates even before the pivotal paper by Dr Maddox in the BJP. A few years later, he began making and improving the roll film on a flexible backing. The earliest versions were called stripping films since the developed emulsion had to be stripped off its backing and placed on glass to be contact printed since the film first used was optically impure.

In 1888, Eastman came up with the ubiquitous Kodak roll film camera and his famous slogan you press the button and we do the rest. Quick improvements in camera and roll film finally made photography a universal hobby. Finally, anyone could snap a decent photo. Almost all photography was black and white, but reasonably fast – and very easy!

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