Oh to be in Van now fall is here!

Vancouver Camera Swap Meet

Toronto. I heard from Tonchi the other day.

The fall camera swap meet out in Vancouver will be held on October 6th this year.

If you are looking to visit BC or will be in the Vancouver area early next month, be sure to drop in and get some added items for your collection (or maybe some user digital or film gear!

Tonchi write, “We are approaching the second camera show this year. The last show was very successful, and I have high hopes for the next one. The popularity of film cameras is growing, since film has become more readily available, and it seems to me that more young people are beginning to respect the quality, engineering, and beauty of classic cameras. I am looking forward to seeing all of your popular collector cameras on the bulletin.”

Be sure to say “hi” to Tonchi and tell him how you discovered the great show on our west coast. And if you have things to sell drop, Tonchi an email to reserve a table now.

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