…beginning to see the light

Toronto. It seems like just yesterday that I headed to my darkroom to develop my Leica negatives and make some prints using my hands to dodge and burn to improve the contrast.

I would spend one night developing negatives and the next night or two carefully printing with my Durst M35 enlarger, customized Colorval meter and binary timer, and my good old Graylab timer, also customized by me.

Today, I take photos with my Sony digital mirrorless NEX-6 or my Apple iPod Touch and move them to Lightroom for processing and key-wording on my computer. In a single night I can easily process 100 images, rarely bothering to print any unless I need a hard copy for reference or decoration.

Darkroom out, Lightroom in. I’m beginning to see the light…. By the way if you elect to try your hand at the niche technology of film processing and printing, come on out to our November 19th auction where these and other darkroom goodies will go under the hammer.

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