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Dual 12 MPx Cameras in latest Smartphone – the iPhone X

Toronto. The iPhone X was placed on sale last Friday. Included are three cameras! Two 12 MPx cameras for wide-angle (f/1.8) and a telephoto (f/2.4) plus some fancy imaging and portraiture apps. The third front facing camera is 7 MPx (f/2.2) and does 1080p HD video and Face ID.

The tiny marvels will accelerate the disappearance of traditional point and shoot cameras. I have a 16 MPx mirrorless Sony with interchangeable lenses and a 5 MPx iPod Touch. My wife has a Sony point and shoot with 3.3 MPx resolution and a 3:1 optical zoom.

The key thing is that the phone will be always with you while the higher resolution camera stays home for the most part.

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