what’s new in photography for 1948-9?

Portrait of a little boy by Herman V Wall of Los Angeles CA. p81 of magazine. c1948

Toronto. My thanks to my good friend George Dunbar for tracking down this issue of Popular Photography, now nearly 70 years old!

On September 9th George writes, “Here’s a list that may interest PHSC members.

“It’s huge, illustrated and shows almost all of the photographic equipment that was available in 1948 – still & movie cameras, exposure meters, lighting equipment, enlargers, darkroom items and much more.

“This [October] 1948 issue of Popular Photography contains it all.”

The directory of what was offered in 1948-9 in the U.S.A.  begins at page 112 of this issue. Not surprisingly at the time, almost all pages except the front cover are black and white. a few pages are spot colour (mostly using red) and the odd page or two of advertising is in colour.

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