Cameras of Zeiss Ikon – Book Review

Sample camera from Zeiss Ikon Book

Toronto. Photographic Canadiana editor Bob Lansdale wrote the following review which is included as an insert to issue 43-1 of our journal which was mailed this week.

Cameras of Zeiss Ikon and its Precursors 1893 – 1972
by the All Japan Classic Camera Club

8.5 x 11 inches, 72 in four colour printing for wooden cameras, mostly B&W
416 loose-leaf pages in a binder to accommodate future additions.
Price: 12,000JPY (about $100US plus Air Mail delivery  of $35US).
Payment: Paypal or credit card. Enquires:
To order: and click; Zeiss Ikon book

Address: All Japan Classic Camera Club (AJCC), Koyama-Bldg. 4F, 3-31-5
Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 170-0002

“This epic tome is the product of the members of the All Japan Classic Camera Club. With the growth of the digital camera, the film camera is in danger of disappearing despite the fact that film cameras have made a great contribution to human culture, documenting world events and furthering the arts and sciences. The philosophy of the AJCC is to save old cameras from abandonment and destruction, to restore and use these historical pieces, and ultimately bequeath them to the next generation.

“Drawing upon the collections of its members some 400 cameras using glass plates, sheet films or roll films (excluding 35mm cameras which will be separately published later) are illustrated from Zeiss Ikon and its precursors including Kriigener, Wunsche, Huttig etc.

“Each page has a chart in both Japanese and English at the top of the page giving details of body, lens and shutter, and then a short paragraph description. At the bottom of the page are, on the average, eight images providing visual details of the camera, front, back, sides and top. 

“Other books do not provide such detailed photos. An Index provides easier access to the myriad of cameras. A short history of Zeiss Ikon starts the book off with “Review of Zeiss Ikon“, followed by chapters: “Glass-plate and sheet film cameras”; “Roll-film cameras released by precursors (except 35mm type)”; “Roll-film cameras released by Zeiss Ikon (except 35mm type)”.

“This particular volume covers glass plate and roll film cameras only, as a version on the 35mm film cameras is being planned for separate release. While not every camera of Zeiss Ikon and its precursors is illustrated, due to the limitations in member collections, it is assumed that most of the cameras available in the world market are listed.

“Completed after nearly four years of hard work, the AJCC believe the data and detailed photographs will prove to be of great use to classic-camera fans.”

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