An eye with a Brain!

Ad from LIFE Magazine, September 19, 1938. Click on it to see it larger.

Toronto. I┬áremember LIFE magazine as a Saturday afternoon read in the barbershop as I waited for my turn under Nelson MaGee’s sharp scissors and clippers. It was founded in 1883 as an American version of England’s Punch. The version most of us remember is Henry Luce’s big brash photojournalism magazine boldly touting American ideals and principles.

It was a wonderful magazine, full of black and white pictures and interesting bits of text and cut lines that clarified the photographs. When I looked at it, the magazine (and I) was about a decade old.

My friend George Dunbar found this interesting two page spread LIFE published in their September 19, 1938 issue. The revitalized LIFE had published as a photojournalism magazine for three years by then and felt a need to educate its readers about photography and its importance in illustrating the world of the day to its readers not just as entertainment but as serious news too.

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