Beginning of the digital camera era

Steve Sasson of Kodak

Toronto. Do you remember Steve Sasson? No? Well you should! Steve was working for Kodak when he created the first digital camera. The massive gadget’s minuscule .01 mpx  B&W image saved on an audio tape belied the impact digital would have on film, virtually devastating it just a few decades later.

My friend George Dunbar writes. “Was browsing through an old magazine (Invention & Technology, winter 2010) and was surprised by this sidebar in an article about cellphones. The brief story of Steve Sasson and his building of the first digital camera almost ignores Kodak’s involvement — only a brief mention that the lens was “made by Kodak.”

“I’m left wondering why we’re told: ‘…he was assigned to build a camera…’, without the Company’s name being mentioned as an instigator of the project.

“Odd, isn’t it?”

Invention & Technology, Winter 2010 sidebar on cell phone article

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