A DSLR quality camera in a smartphone format

mjgymzuxoq-smToronto. A few days ago my friend George Dunbar sent me a link to the lengthy and clear article on how we can match the quality of a professional DSLR in a smartphone format – pocketable, and always handy.

The camera exists and is being refined at the moment. This article covering the technology behind the camera was written last month by one of the creators, Dr Rajiv Laroia, chief technology officer and cofounder of Light, based in Palo Alto, Calif. in Spectrum, the journal of the engineering society, IEEE.

This little marvel uses 16 fixed lens cameras, mirrors, and software to create images at various focal lengths, equivalent f/ stops and with a selectable variation of bokeh. Called the Light Camera, L16, it will go to market next year at about $1.699 US.

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