Sony a6300 24 Mpx APS-C camera body

Sony a6300 24 Mpx with a kit lens.

Sony a6300 24 Mpx with a kit lens.

Toronto. If the $56,000 USD Phase One is a bit rich for your blood, you might like Paul’s second camera, the soon to be released Sony alpha 6300.

The body-only rings in at $1000 US (about $1400 CDN). This APS-C size “half frame” mirrorless camera touts the fastest auto focus currently offered in a mirrorless camera. That and the 11fps burst feature ensures any one can snap the decisive moment now. Shades of Cartier-Bresson and his trusty Leica screw mount!

This petite camera follows the NEX line in style and is reminiscent of the NEX-7 with its dual adjustment knobs on the top of the camera.

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