Where have all the flowers gone?

ApertureToronto. When Aperture was released by Apple, I still used Windows and was envious of the capabilities of this product. I was recently reminded that Aperture development will end shortly (fall 2014) and the product will phase out next year when Apple releases Photo to replace it and iPhoto on the new OSX software. The blog I was reading said Corel was offering a migration to its AfterShot Pro 2 which is based on Bibble and comparable in price.

Personally I have used Lightroom  since its inception on Windows and later I moved it on to OSX which I use today. In the course of learning about Aftershot, I wondered about Lightroom. To my dismay, I learned that my current version, Lightroom 5.5 will be the last as Adobe migrates it to a cloud and monthly/annual fees. From what I read Lightroom is still a better product than Aperture and Aftershot. Now I have to convince myself that annual fees are no more costly than buying each major update…

The move to digital downloads seems to be affecting all kinds of media. Printing companies have disappeared, newspapers are fading out, TV networks are fading as youngsters use YouTube, Netflix, and computers or smartphones instead of a TV set.

Today, I still read the Globe & Mail each morning, but catch any news updates on my iPod Touch as I eat breakfast. In the evening, I use the little gadget to read background on TV programs and actors as I watch the programs in real time. And books and magazines? Don’t buy them any more. I read books with my Touch and use Google to get much faster information on new products and ideas.

The biggest issue with digital seems to be how transient it may be. One of our members says any important images he takes get printed and filed for the future when our current products such as software, DVDs, CDs, hard drives, are rendered obsolete and images left behind can no longer be viewed. Which takes us back to Aperture and its fadeout.

(Apologies to Pete Seeger for the title of this post – in my case, it refers to my images from our garden…)

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