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Toronto Then and Now Harry Enchin

Toronto Then and Now
Harry Enchin

Toronto, November 9, 2013. Thanks to members John Linsky and John Allman for bring to our attention Toronto Photographer Harry Enchin. Harry took a selection of Toronto Archives photos and merged portions with his modern colour images photographed at the same spot and time.

Harry uses different materials such as fabrics to display his images. While the show here in the city at the Akasha Art Projects 2013 ended last month, his videos and the Toronto Life article can be seen here or by clicking on the icon.

George Dunbar made similar shots by combining archival images with modern ones so half the image is old and half is a carefully merged new colour image.

George goes on to say, “A number of Enchin’s photo treatments can be found here.
“Another photographer (Alden Cudanin) developed a similar technique shown here.
“My own ‘best effort’ is this one.

We were formally  introduced to this concept of rephotography by Andrzej Maciejewski in March 17, 2010 at a monthly Toronto meeting. Andrzej used slides from two of his books to show Montreal spots photographed a century apart at the same time of day and day of the year which he calculated using shadows in the original image.

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