Photographic Canadiana 39-2

Issue 39-2 was packaged and mailed two weeks ago. It is another marvellous edition from the mind of editor Bob Lansdale. This issue features a number of articles just a few of which are highlighted in the pictures below.


Clockwise from left: cover, Chris Kennedy from LIFT, Willie Nassau and his Eumig camera, couple of trunk sale finds, nudes from part III of sol Legault’s paper on Stanhopes, we lost two stalwart members this summer Bob Gutteridge (left) and Bill Belier (right), part of a rare and mysterious London, Ontario print, and Richard Lautens, our June speaker.

Below is Bob Carter (left) and Bob Lansdale at the Aries Group print shop in Etobicoke on September 9th after packaging this issue ready for mailing the next day. If you missed out, join the PHSC today!


Down at the press, I help editor Bob Lansdale (right) prepare 39-2 for mailing

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