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layar-logo.a2c90edab9ddToronto, September 20, 2013. On Friday, Carol looked up from the Toronto Star and said, “What’s this mean”?  pointing to a funny little cell phone icon next to a photo.  “It must let you see more,” I said. Turning to the  front section of the Star, I found an explanation. A smart phone, tablet or even my iPod Touch camera could be used to scan any image or ad with the cell phone icon to see a different view/voice/video by using the free app. Downloading the layar app, I spent over 30 minutes scanning numerous photos and ads with varying results. It finally clicked on me that the scans linked via wifi to a video URL which I could bring up on my iPod Touch’s video viewer. Apparently smart phones (except Blackberry…) can show the video directly without resorting to a video link URL.

A client pays for special software to imbed a video in any picture (click on the icon at left to see the web site).  Using the free reader app and a smart phone, iPad or iPod Touch, anyone can view the imbedded video.

The layar app can also be used to view QR codes (those funny boxes about an inch square enclosing random looking thick black and white dots).

The Toronto Star apparently hosted layar-based ads on Friday for (I suspect) an automobile company since many photos and car ads had the little cell phone icon near by. The Globe didn’t have any imbedded videos on Friday…

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