doing the Nile in style

c1884 Canadians are off to help Britain on the Nile

Toronto. In 1884-5, Egypt was at war with the Sudan. Britain (and France) controlled the country and Britain fought to keep the Suez Canal open as it materially shortened the route to the East.  To bolster the forces trying to re-capture Khartoum in Sudan, Britain’s Lord Wolseley cabled his friend in Manitoba’s Red River fight, Colonel George T. Denison to recruit “a force of river-men such as had won his admiration in the past”. These volunteers came from all across the Dominion.

The result was this collection of men sent to the Nile via the ship Ocean Queen. They be came part of the forces fighting the Mahdist Revolt or War. Thanks are owed to friend and fellow PHSC member for sharing this bit of history. Canadians on the Nile in 1884! Who would have thought such a thing was possible?

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