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call for articles

Toronto. Do you remember the old Joe McDoakes shorts that used to run before the main feature in the movie palaces? That was the source for our post title! In this case, you can get into a pdf, but only if you are a PHSC member…

Not a member? This is the Easy-Peasy part: choose domesic or international; 1 year or 3 in the upper right part of this web page, breakout the plastic, and hit the Pay Now button to sign up via PayPal – we absorb the small fee.

Then write a few words and  add some images. Email to editor Bob Lansdale by July 24th and he will consider your idea for publishing. All current members WITH an email address have received the notice on the left with added details. You say you are a current member with an email address but were missed? Drop me a note at and I will followup promptly!

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