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Sonnar 150mm for Hasseblad

Toronto. Medium? Well, for the Hasselblad it is a 150mm lens that is a medium. Medium telephoto that is. Great for portraits on a Hasselblad, that is. Like a 90mm Elmar on a Leica.

At an auction a while back (fall 2018) we had a beautiful old satin chrome  f/4 150mm Sonnar complete with a Synchro-Compur leaf shutter. And since portraits are traditionally taken in studio with controlled lighting using a tripod, the relatively slow f/4 is no problem at all. In fact, at f/4, hand held shots were also easy to take.

Many famous portraits were made with the Hasselblad and film over the last half of the 20th century. Zeiss made great lenses when they made Sonnar lenses.

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