PHSC News for December 2019

Petie Mini Camera ensemble

Toronto. Hear the bells? It’s Christmas time again and editor Pushchak has used a holiday theme ¬†for her year end publication. What? You didn’t get a personal copy? Drop me a line and I will add you to our list. You can show Newsletter on the subject line, if you wish – no other text is needed.

This issue begins with a teary Christmas, captured by a Georgia photographer followed by a notice for our Annual Show and Tell (and more) meeting.

Photo Book 101 covers a Norwegian photographer (shades of Cindy Sherman!) followed by a review of the “Pursuit of Venus [infected]” exhibition. The Toronto File discusses the issue of pedestrian fatalities and hearing.

This month’s Equipment Review covers the venerable Olympus Trip 35 and the flexibility of manual focusing. Web Links, PHSC Events, and the Vi and Dot columns follow. Dot reminisces to Vi about the time (1934) when Hollywood embraced cellophane as a fashion material. Cue the Classifieds column and its a wrap for this year – fade to black.

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