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Delivering PC 45-3 to CPC Gateway

Toronto. It was a miserable weekend, but Tuesday, December 3rd was clear so I joined editor Lansdale to sort and package the latest issue of Photographic Canadiana. We had one brief set back. CPC hardened their password protocol so we had to open a new account linked to our same control numbers.

Four boxes of issue 45-3 with domestic addresses hit the CPC Tuesday afternoon. The international (and USA) addresses will follow – President Clint arranges mailing from the USA, saving the society some postal expense.

Lots of great stories in this 24 page issue with no advertising. It should reach our members  this coming week. Not a member yet? Easy-peasy to fix. Just have your card ready and click the Paypal button at upper right after choosing Domestic or International and 1 or 3 years membership (you can renew this way as well… just sayin’).

And thanks to Billy Joel for the title…

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