… and the winner is …

Sylvania and Ford Motor Company photo contest

Toronto. Those of you who have been following the posts on this site know that my friend George Dunbar has been busy researching photographic history through the ads in American magazines such as LIFE from the middle of the last century when magazines,  advertisements, and photography blossomed to dizzying heights post war.

The photographic take-a-way so far has been the push to amateur colour (transparencies and prints), indoor photography (faster films, and flash bulbs) and American cameras (plus other photographic items). In January 1959, Sylvania promoted its photographic products (flash bulbs and Argus cameras) by joining the Ford Motor Company and Tennessee Ernie Ford (first discovered on the “I Love Lucy” show) along with Walter Brennan (movie actor and another TV personality) in a special contest.

1959 was a memorable year in America. Two States were added that year.  Alaska (January 1959) and Hawaii (August 1959) both became States. This contest was only open to residents of the United States and Hawaii (possibly promoted as a State but still a territory that January) in spite of the magazine distribution for many magazines exceeding the boundaries of the USA.


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