Hasselblad SWC

Hasselblad SWC Camera

Toronto. A rare model of the  famous Hasselblad 2 1/4 square camera was auctioned off recently in a PHSC sponsored auction. The family firm with the famous Hasselblad name (F W Hasselblad & Co) was founded in 1841 and a photographic department was added in 1887.

When the second world war was underway,  Victor Hasselblad decided to make an Aerial camera (the HK-7) modelled after a German aerial camera for the Royal Swedish Airforce. A few years after the war, in 1948 Victor Hasselblad marketed the famous 1600F 6×6 cm camera with a Kodak Ektar lens and with both Kodak and Zeiss accessory lenses. Victor was well known for trying out his camera designs by photographing birds.

The camera was adopted by professionals around the world. A Hasselblad even went to the moon under the NASA programs. The model we auctioned was an improved version of the Supreme Wide-Angle camera. Both used the Zeiss Biogon 38mm lens. For the first decade the camera used a chrome lens. From c 1969 an anodized black lens barrel was used. On his death he bequeathed about $8 million in USD to the “Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation“. Erna was his wife.

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