we are old

Brigden’s on Richmond St Toronto in 1925

Toronto In 1925, when this photograph was taken, photography was less than a century  old. Fredrick Brigden and his wife had emigrated here in the 1870s from England. He was an engraver by trade and established a small engraving firm here in 1874. The firm became the well respected Toronto Engraving Company in 1877. The photo shown here is an interior shot of Brigden’s Limited (1912-1955).

The Toronto Engraving Company became a family business in 1888, and merged with the Rous and Mann Press nearly century later in 1979. Many companies grew in Toronto catering to the publishing trade.

My title above for this post  is a riff off When We Are Old, a European song sung by Asaf Avidan. I first heard the lyrics on a car commercial.

This photograph is from a better resolution one contained in the archives of the Toronto Public Library (TPL).  My thanks to George Dunbar for discovering this bit of our city’s history and the evolution of photography here.

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