Graflex Journal Issue 3 for 2016 published

Graflex Journal Issue 3 2016 small boy and big camera…

Toronto. Ken Metcalf does a terrific job of finding and publishing articles on Kodak’s famous Graflex line of cameras from the giants used by professionals decades ago to the more personal 35mm cameras, based on designs once made by Ciro. His wonderful journal was recently published.

Our Photographic Canadiana editor, Bob Lansdale, sent me this issue the other day. You can download issue 3 of 2016 here and enjoy the many pages of articles and information.

N.B. The little boy and his big Graflex camera are featured as a logo (upper left corner of first page).

Focussing Patent for 35mm Graflex camera

This issue features a lengthy article on the Graflex 35mm cameras. At left is a patent drawing for a unique focussing bar, a signature design of the Graflex  Graphic 35 camera. The drawing is one of many in a lengthy article by Michael Parker.

Parker is followed by an article by Maurice Gleeson on his more traditional Speed Graphic of the late 1930s.

Next, there is an illustrated review of a Graflex exhibition at George Eastman Museum (GEH to many) in Rochester. The Eastman Museum’s History of Photography gallery regularly rotates its  exhibits using its own vast collection of cameras.

A couple of short articles by Bill Inman and Keith Forsey discuss the use of a red back or red bellows in some Graflex models.

A book review by Randy Sweatt follows. Mr Sweatt reviews the book entitled Chavez Ravine, 1949 – A Los Angeles Story. Written by Don Normark, the book documents Mexican families in Los Angeles’s Chavez Ravine. What is of interest to Graflex historians is that the book is illustrated with photos taken with a Ciroflex. The Ciroflex was originally made by Ciro in Ohio, a company later sold to Graflex. The camera he used was marketed  before the company was sold. It was a cheap  copy of a Rollei camera.



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