Most talks are recorded on audio tape. Copies are available from the society. For more information, contact Mark Singer at Further information on this roster of speakers can be obtained by e-mail to

June 20th, 2001 Janice Schimmelman on Tintypes.

Janice gave us a fascinating overview of Melainotypes, Ferrotypes and Tintypes. Click on the title above or the picture of Janice and hubby John Cameron to see a summary of her talk. She is currently writing a book on the tintype. If you need a refresher now, click on "The TINTYPE process by Robert Leggat".

May 16th, 2001 Prof. Lambert's Magic Lantern Show.

Professor Lindsay Lambert's 19th Century Magic Lantern Show was a delightful presentation on the history of the magic lantern performed with a century old lantern and slides dating from 1850 to 1910. Mr. Lambert of Ottawa is nationally known for his magic lantern shows.

April 18th, 2001 Keith Davis, Hallmark Cards.

Keith introduced us to the extensive image archive owned by Hallmark Cards. Check our journal for more details (I was absent from this meeting).  

Mar 21st, 2001 Boris Spremo, Photojournalist.

We had the pleasure of listening to Boris Spremo, winner of over 280 national and international awards. Boris brought two slide trays full of exciting images and a selection of his world worn cameras and lenses.

Feb 21st, 2001 Show and Tell.

Another delightful event! Click on the title or image for a quick review of the items presented by the eleven members who shared their gems with us. I noticed a growing number of references to using the net to find things and to find information about things.

Jan 17th, 2001 Photographic Numismatics.

Nick Graver of Rochester New York gave us a super slide show and narrative on the related worlds of photography and numismatics. Members of the local numismatics society joined us for the evening. I have a brief outline of Nick's talk and selected slides to show you - just click the above title or image.

Dec 20th, 2000 meeting with Robert Gutteridge.

Well known movie machine historian and author Robert Gutteridge of Magic Moments fame gave us an update to the Beaverton Movie Projector article (Photographic Canadiana Vol 25-2 September 1999) about the 1897 Edison Projecting Kinetoscope in this Southern Ontario town.

  Nov 15th, 2000 meeting featured Ken Nelson.

Ken Nelson is a modern day Daguerreotypist, photo historian, image collector, and photographer. He gave us a fascinating insight into ways to research old images and estimate their date by content. He even presented a theory regarding the most famous early Niagara Falls Photographer and how he took his images. Details are now on line. Click the above heading to link to them. And the meaning of DTDFU? If you attended tonight's meeting, you already know. If you didn't? ... Pity.

 Oct. 18th, 2000 meeting featured George Dunbar.

George is a well known Toronto Corporate and Industrial photographer (both still images and cine). George gave a slide show of his 45 years in photography. Click the above heading for more information and a few sample shots. A link on the "George" page takes you to page "George2" and 31 more images from his talk.

  Meeting featuring Jon Golden on Stereo postponed.

Jon Golden, American representative for the German RBT stereo cameras and projectors is unable to join us at the October meeting as planned. Join us later in the year to hear and see Jon's talk on modern day stereo images. If you are not familiar with the RBT line, Jon will be pleased to enlighten you! Click on the above stereo book cover for more info.

 Silent Auction September 20th a success.

The Bill Mair Collection Auction closed on June 15, 2000. The unsold items were auctioned at a silent auction conducted by Ed Warner at our September 20th, 2000 meeting. Click the camera icon for more images and details. I am using pop up windows to show larger copies of images on the Silent Auction page.

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