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PHOTOGRAPHIC NUMISMATICS. Nick combines two hobbies with his interest in coin collecting and photography. Coin collecting encompasses money and medals. His slide show covers many aspects of the tie-in between the image and the coin.

Please note that these images are the property of Nick Graver and are not to be used without his permission.

KODAK CANADA. Kodak struck medals to celebrate each of its International Salons. This one was for a show held in Canada.

CHARLIE CHAPLIN. We all remember Charlie as the Little Tramp. This medal shows Charlie holding a movie camera. Hey Charlie! You're going to ruin your shots with that door open!

DAGUERRE. Many medals were cast in memory of Louis Daguerre. This one by the PAA in 1889 celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Daguerre's announcement of his photographic process. The image of the medal appears on the back of some carte de visite cards as part of the photographer's ad.

PHOTOMATON. This illustration from a brochure on the automated snap shooter shows the workings of the device and sample results. Tokens were used to operate the machine. The example Nick showed is stamped with a 10, perhaps meaning 10 pictures, since stamping a face value on the token would defeat its purpose which was to separate the cost of the token/service from the actual token.

If you have any questions, or wish to share any images or numismatic items, Nick would be pleased to here from you. His email address is:

ABOUT THE IMAGES. Click on any image and in a few seconds you will see an enlarged view in a separate window. The images were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera and adjusted as necessary in Photoshop. Any blur or off colour images are due to my casual snaps from the screen as Nick conducted his talk.


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Nick Graver

Kodak Canada

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