Award Winning Toronto Photographer

BORIS SPREMO was born in Yugoslavia and emigrated to Canada in 1957. Over the years he has earned over 280 national and international awards for his work as a photojournalist. He is retired, but continues to do freelance work, including a regular column in The Toronto Star called Spremo's Toronto.

Boris is shown here with some of the cameras used to make his prize winning images. He is a natural story teller with an engaging style that grabs your attention as do his images. If you enjoy the images here and want to see more, you can purchase his book 20 Years of Photojournalism (or borrow it if you are a member of the PHSC by contacting Gerry Loban). His talk was illustrated with a couple of trays of slides covering his career. Each slide has its own story, but you will have to catch Boris at another presentation to hear his wonderful stories. Of course PHSC members can borrow an audio tape of his talk and most other talks presented at our meetings.

ABOUT THE IMAGES. Click on any image and in a few seconds you will see an enlarged view in a separate window. Click on your browser's back arrow to return to this page.

Please note that these images are the copyright of Boris Spremo who has kindly allowed us to display them. The images were captured from the screen during the slide show using a Nikon 990 digital camera and adjusted and sized in Photoshop.

  Bob Carter

1. Have credentials, will travel. 2. Bringing it all back home (the Canadian Constitution). 3. Cal Ripkin as Peter Pan. 4. Shooters at the Olympics.

1. The face of Troubles in Northern Ireland. 2. The aftermath. 3. Not your average rubber ducky (rubber bullet fired at Boris by a British Soldier in Northern Ireland). 4. Lens for a close-up shot of Royalty at Buckingham Palace.

1. The tools of peace. 2. Displaced by war. 3. Bruno checks his location for the Pope's visit to Ottawa. 4. And the big shot... ruined by a TV cameraman catching the scene for the evening news.

1. Unintended humour. 2. Don't leave me... 3. Mississauga train wreck. 4. Second view of the train wreck.

1. Boris shooting from a sky scraper in Toronto. 2. The great outdoors. 3. Harold says hello. 4. Hanging around waiting for a hand on the 401. 5. Oooops... this isn't the Island Airport.

1. Here's looking at you - huge military binoculars. 2. Instrument landing - an athlete and his specs part company. 3. Seagull at Toronto city hall. 4. Mayor Hazel McCallion in multiple.

1. Top of the CN Tower - world's tallest free standing structure. Boris had no fear of heights! 2. Or anything else... here a young spectator takes a break at the miss nude contest. 3. Topping off the Royal Bank building in Toronto. 4. And the TD Centre. 5. And this old man refused to move for anyone.

1. You can see Boris with a technician at the top of the CN tower. 2. And the black arrow shows you were Boris is standing in the previous shot. 3. Getting back to terra firma, here's a worm's eye view of golf. 4. And finally a helicopter during one of the dust ups in Latin America.

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