Stereo Photography by K C M Symons Focal Press 1957

STEREO PHOTOGRAPHY. I chose the cover of Mr. Symons 1957 book on stereo as an icon for this fall's stereo presentation. When I was in my 20s, Focal Press was a wonderful source of books on all aspects of photography. The books used simple line drawing illustrations and occasionally a photo gallery insert printed on glossy paper. These inexpensive books offered an education in photography (I spent many pleasant hours in the 60s and 70s reading Focal Press books).

The book has over 200 pages of information on all aspects of stereo. I believe it is long out of print, but you may come across a used copy in your travels.

RBT. Interest in stereo has cycled throughout the history of photography. When it is in a quiet stage, enthusiasts struggle to find cameras and projectors to make stereo images and shows. Some skilled practitioners create stereo equipment, others track down used gear. Another approach, represented by the products of RBT of Germany, is to make stereo cameras by combining two standard 35mm cameras. The result is a very effective camera with modern features. For example, the Konica Hexar cameras are used to make the popular RBT S1.

JON GOLDEN. Jon represents RBT in New England. This year we have the pleasure of seeing a lecture and show presented by Jon showing both the RBT cameras and their images.

Go to Dr T's RBT S1 web site for more information about the RBT S1 camera. At the bottom of that page are links to the RBT web site in Germany and Jon Golden's site in New England.... See you at the meeting!

by Robert Carter



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