45 Years of Commercial and Industrial Photography

AN EVENING WITH GEORGE DUNBAR. This talk is from a user and image perspective rather than a hardware/collector presentation. I will be giving those of you who take pictures as well as collect them some ideas to spark your imagination. I'll be describing my 45-year career in "Corporate and Industrial Photography" and show some examples of my work along with a chat about the images and my techniques. I have posted a thumbnail page of selected slides from George's presentation on page 2. George asked me to point out that all pictures on these two pages are © 2000 by George Dunbar and/or IBM Canada and cannot be used without their permission. Please respect George's wishes and do not copy or reused these images.

GEORGE DUNBAR has always lived in Toronto. As a professional photographer for 48 years, he travelled throughout Canada, U.S. and Latin America. The major portion of his career ..32 years.. was spent as staff photographer at IBM Canada. In that capacity he produced photographs for advertising, promotion, public and employee relations and also started a 16mm film production unit at IBM.

George has received awards for his work from the Professional Photographers of Canada, Toronto Art Directors Club, Communication Arts Magazine and the Chicago Industrial Film Festival.

Since 1989 George has operated his own free-lance photography business for hi-tech corporate clients, recently retiring to pursue personal projects.

In 1995 he self-published a book of photographs taken over a thirty year period at the Blackstock Fall Fair in Ontario.

Because of his long association with computers and experiments with digital photography, he occasionally talks to camera clubs about emerging computer applications. George is currently compiling a brief history of digital cameras for an article in Photographic Canadiana and welcomes any input on that subject.

George is a long time admirer of documentary photographers such as Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank, which inspired him to record his own life and times. George will be pleased to discuss matters of photography with anyone over the Internet. His E-mail address is



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