Submitting Information

The page is provided for the free exchange of photographic research information. Send your requests for information, or response to posted queries via e-mail to Include the word research in the subject area. Please be brief. We may edit a request or response at our discretion.

Buy and Sell ads will be accepted from members and posted for free (space permitting) on our Member Ads page.

For members, information requests and ads will also be published in Photographic Canadiana. at no charge, space permitting.

 Finding Information

 Current Information Requests

There are currently no other outstanding information requests. Please contact Bob Carter if you are researching a topic and are looking for the combined resources found at the Photographic Historical Society of Canada. As well, please look through the archived requests and responses for past queries -- you may have information for them, or they for you! A menu of titles is below.

 Archived Requests and Responses

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