Chromotype or Lambertype Process Information Needed


Robert Lansdale, editor of  Photographic Canadiana, is interested in information regarding Canadian photographers who may have used or been involved with the Chromotype and Lambertype carbon print processes. This information will add to the four part article which began in Photographic Canadiana 30-2 and continued through issues 30-3, 30-4 and 31-2.

In particular, Mr. Lansdale would appreciate receiving xerox or photo copies of any cabinet or CDVs images bearing the small imprint "Chromotype Patent" on the lower left of the mat (see sample below - click on the images for a larger image). It seems a number of galleries used the same style of mat as Maitland did in Stratford, Ontario.

The process was in vogue ca 1877-80 with a Theodore S. Lambert actively promoting it. Information on Mr. Lambert would also be welcome. Contact editor Lansdale by telephone or fax at (416) 621-8788, or e-mail him at

This is an example of a Chomotype created by the photographer named Maitland who operated in Stratford, Ontario.

Chromo.jpg (16413 bytes)
Chrnamebig.jpg (9183 bytes)

An enlarged view of the Chomotype logo in the lower left corner of the mat (red outline).

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