A Treasure From My Collection

Bill Belier writes a regular column for the Photographic Canadiana. A treasure does not have to be a rare camera. The criteria being that it is a photographic article which YOU cherish and is part of YOUR collection. Just as interesting as the item’s technical data, is the story leading to its possession. Where did you find it? Was a trade involved? Was it a sleeper at a flea market?...was it a basket-case discard?...or was there some other element of discovery to make it interesting? If you have such an item, please contact Bill or Bob Lansdale, editor of Photographic Canadiana, via or at a meeting. Click on the above heading to see a typical column.


 Canadian Stereoscopic Collection

This extensive collection of stereoscopic images, books, and equipment was gathered and indexed by member Stan White in 1990 while he was teaching at Sheridan College. Times change and government decisions affect plans. Due to budget restrictions in the Ontario education system, the collection is currently unaccessable. You can click the above heading for more about the collection.


 History of Photography Magazine, 1996

This quarterly publication began in January 1977. This issue featured articles on the history of Canadian photography. A number of the contributors are also membes of the PHSC. Click the above heading for more information.



Leica Null Series

The Leica is considered the first successful commercial camera using 35mm cine film. Its introduction in 1925 sparked the "minicamera" revolution and established standards still in use today. The null series was a very small production of cameras used to test the concept and mechanics before full scale production began. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Leica in 2000, Leica Camera manufactured and offered for sale a small number of working replicas. Click the above image or title for more information.

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