Photographic Canadiana Index -- Volumes 1 through 34 (1974-2009-o2)

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 About our index

The society has published Photographic Canadiana since its founding in 1974. Our first complete index covered the first thirteen volumes. Each year since then each new volume has been added to our database. The index was first compiled and maintained in a program called SuperBase (later SBPro-4) on an Amiga. In1998, the file was transferred to Microsoft Access on a Windows 95 system. Access has the facility to run a spell check across the entire database, cleaning up some glaring errors from past years. It moved to Windows 98, and then XP and more recently to an iMac running OS X. To switch platforms, the file was converted to a CSV format and opened in Bento (a junior version of Filemaker). To make the newest index available to everyone, I exported it to Numbers, Apple's spreadsheet program and saved it as a PDF file. I set the PDF for an older version so those not up-to-date can still open the file. Future volumes of the journal will be added as they are published. Corrections, comments, or suggestions can be emailed to me at

 Need your own digital copy?

The complete 3,288 entries can be read on line or downloaded by clicking here. Adobe Reader (or Preview if you have a recent Mac) lets you search on any word and find all the entries that match. The one meg file down loads quickly with modern day high-speed internet access. You can ask for a CSV version of the file if you want to import it into a database program.

 How to order back issues

By the way, if you would like a copy of any back issues, most are still available for a few dollars. Just e-mail your request to our Librarian, Gerry Loban at

 Index Categories

Clicking any of these following categories will take you to a small sub-list of the index (up to volume 24).

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