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In order to entice you into joining the Photographic Historical Society of Canada, you will find selections from our journal, Photographic Canadiana, here. The articles in the journal include higher quality photographs than what you will find here because of the nature of print media versus web media.

 Current Excerpt

Volume 25-2 President's Message, Michael Oesch
Volume 25-2 25 Years of memories..., Robert Lansdale interviews John Linsky and Larry Boccioletti.
Volume 25-2 Remembering the '80s and '90s (photo page 1)
Volume 25-2 Remembering the '80s and '90s (photo page 2) 

When you click on the words Volume 25-2, you open a PDF file which is a low resolution replica of a page from the 68 page Sep/Oct 1999 copy of the journal. The first article is President Michael Oesch's message to our members. The second article covers the formation of the organization as recalled by John Linsky and Larry Boccioletti. The last two are pages of our "family album" of people and events. These excerpts were created by copying a postscript file version of the printed pages created in QuarkXPress to a zip drive and moving it from editor Bob Lansdale's Macintosh to my Windows 98 system where I "distilled" it with Adobe Acrobat and set the magnification and resolution for easy viewing. You can also download a much higher resolution zipped version of all four pages (4meg) suitable for printing. If you don't have the free Acrobat reader, visit Adobe Acrobat and download a copy right now! 

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Volume 24-1 Fredericton Celebrates 150 year Anniversary
Volume 22 Synopsis of all four issues
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