Member Ads  Member Ads

You have to be a member to place an ad here, but you don't have to be a member to buy! Come see what our members have to offer you.

Our Auctioneer  Auction

Every Spring we have an auction of old and used photographic equipment. Bring your old goodies and take home new ones! Public participation is welcome. The auction page includes rules for the auction and how to get there.

Displays  Displays

PHSC and its members display cameras and images at various locations and events Click Displays above to see examples.

Fall Fair Map  Fairs

Twice annually we invite the general public to meet in a big room and create a whirlwind of photo-buff action out of them. Canada's oldest photofair is always an event. How to get there, prices, times, table information and more.

Speaker at our Monthly Meeting  Program

Our monthly meetings in Toronto are well-attended by our local members. This is a list of upcoming speakers and an archive of the speakers of yesteryear. If you are a national or international member, you can also attend our meetings when you are in town.

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