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 Our Objectives... 

Our objectives are to advance the knowledge of, and interest in, the history of photography, particularly Canadian photography and to undertake and encourage the collection, preservation and exhibition of photographic equipment, literature and images.  
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 Our Roots...

The PHSC was established in Toronto in 1974 by and for people interested in photographic history.   We were incorporated as a non profit organization in Canada four years later (1978).  

All activities are performed by unpaid volunteers.   We help camera and image collectors and others interested in the diverse aspects of photographic history share their enthusiasm and knowledge.   We promote a wider public interest in photographic history through talks, awards, publications, fairs and auctions.
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 About Our Members...

The majority of our 300 or so members are camera or image collectors.   In fact, our membership includes many of the leading collectors, photographic researchers & writers, and professional photographers in Canada, plus many libraries, archives, museums and other photographic societies.
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 You would benefit from joining if... 

Come and share your interests and knowledge with a group of friendly and enthusiastic fellow collectors!   If you live in the Toronto area, come out and meet with fellow collectors and enthusiasts at one of our monthly meetings!   Or take in one of our fairs or auctions.   Share information with other collectors through our journal and here on the internet.

Our membership year runs from May 1 to the following April 30. Each member receives Photographic Canadiana. Toronto meetings are held each month except July and August.

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 How Do I Join? 

It's easy!   Just download our membership form and mail it to us with your payment.   Canadian members pay $35.00 for a National membership which brings you Photographic Canadiana four times a year.  Meetings in Toronto include speakers, presentations, and member buy/sell sessions.  Personal cheques or money orders are accepted.   Members outside Canada are requested to pay $35.00 US to help offset the added postage cost. Money orders, or cheques drawn on a Canadian or US bank are accepted.
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 But, We Are A Group... 

Great!   We have a limited number of exchange memberships available.   Like minded groups of collectors or historical groups may be accepted as an exchange member.   Copies of our respective journals are exchanged in lieu of any fees.
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 How Can I Contact You? 

Easy, just e-mail us at or write:

Photographic Historical Society of Canada
4335 Bloor St West, PO Box 11703
Toronto ON M9C 2A5 Canada
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 How Do I Change My Membership Information? 

E-mail us your address changes, or download an interests form to fill out and e-mail it back to us.   Be sure to include the word Membership in the Subject area of your e-mail message.
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