Most talks are recorded on audio tape. Copies are available from the society. For more information, contact Mark Singer at Further information on this roster of speakers can be obtained from Gerry Loban.

Bill Belier spent much of his career
in the photographic industry. He
served as President and Editor
with the PHSC 15 years ago.

- April 16, 2003

The inspiration for our April program was from Bill Belier's popular column in our journal. Bill introduced the program with some background information followed by two "live" versions of his "Treasures" column. Ed Warner discussed restoration of a basket case (View Camera) followed by Larry Boccioletti with a slide show of 50+ year old slides on the Mosquito Bomber, made in Downsview at De Havilland where Larry was the Staff Photographer for many years.

GERRY LOBAN - Julia Margaret Cameron
March 19, 2003

Gerry filled in on short notice when Alf Pyner took ill. Gerry's talk and slide show gave the story of one of the notable Victorian wet-plate photographers, who was an amateur, self taught in the techniques of photography with a knack for taking portraits that captured the character of the sitter in a timeless pose.

QUARTET - Highlights of Shean Auction
February 19, 2003

A quartet of members will be showing a selection of cameras from the Shean collection which goes up for auction April 29 and 30, 2003. Catalogue will be issued next month. The society pays respect to Walter Shean and his wide reaching eclectic collection of cameras, images and books. Presented by Bill kantymir, Bob Wilson, Bob Carter, and Gerry Loban (co-ordinator) with an intro to the catalogue by editor, Bob Lansdale.

Image from Bank of Canada Bank Notes SiteGEORGE HUNTER - Tales of a Photographer
January 15, 2003

Join us on our first meeting of the new year. Our guest speaker is George Hunter talking on his experiences and the progress of photography in Canada.

Mr Hunter is the recipient of the 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award from CAPIC (Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications) and is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy. If you visited any of the Canadian pavilions at Expo 67, or carried $5 or $10 bills in your pocket in the 1970s, then you have seen some of George's work.

Show and Tell 2002
December 18, 2002

Join us on our annual Show and Tell night. This popular program item features selections from member collections. Bring a favourite to share with the rest of us.

We will also have our annual gift exchange. Bring one and get one. Must be an item of interest to a collector and not exceeding $10 value.

Kertez Image
Andre Kertez

Stephen Bulger
November 20 , 2002

Well known local galley owner Stephen Bulger on "The Value of the Image". Stephen sells images by many well know artists including Andre Kertesz and images from the Canadian Press Archives.

Simon Bell
Chariots of Chrome
October 16th, 2002.

Simon Bell of Toronto is a 3D specialist whose most recent production is a colourful book Chariots of Chrome: Classic American Cars in Cuba. It will be the subject of his slide presentation followed by a discussion on 3D photography.

Dr. Jennifer McKendry on Early Photography in Kingston
September 18th, 2002.

Dr. McKendry is editor of News & Views, the newsletter of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada. She has written a number of books on history and architecture including Early Photography in Kingston which won awards from the National Film Board (1st edition) and the PHSC (2nd edition).

Bill Becker - 10 Most Influential Photographers-
June 19th, 2002.

Here is a speaker you won't want to miss! His dedicated research into the history of photography has well prepared him during the past three decades. Bill Becker, Director of the American Museum of Photography in Detroit, Michigan will reveal his selection of "The Ten Most Influential Photographers of All Time".

20/20 - George Dunbar Presents - May 15th, 2002.

Member George Dunbar, our May speaker, offered a new and different approach -- an illustrated quiz "Twenty Questions on Twentieth Century Photography". A prize was awarded to Don Douglas for the most correct answers (15/20). The hook in the quiz was that most questions addressed famous photographers or controversial images - subjects less familiar to most of our members. While George marked the papers, John Linsky gave us "THREESOME" - a short presentation on his three favourite collectible cameras. This was followed by George's answers and explanations slide show.

George worked for IBM Canada as their ciné and still photographer for some 32 years before retiring in 1989. The need to think creatively led him to new and old styles/techniques of photography.

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