Highlights of the Shean Auction

hommage to Walter Shean

A quartet of members co-ordinated by Gerry Loban highlighted some examples from the Shean collection which will be auctioned by mail in April 2003.

Bob Lansdale, editor of the catalogue prefaced the presentations with a synposis of the 48 page catalogue and the work entailed in creating this illustrated listing of the 500 plus lots in the auction. Pictured below are the cut and paste "sanity" check-sheets Bob used to keep track of the images and their corresponding text entries.

President Bill Kantymir gave hommage to Walter Shean and his amazing collection before beginning the highlights with this selection of cameras and accessories.

Blair Detective Camera Blair Detective Camera

Blair Detective Camera

Brownie 30th Kodak Canada

Brownie 30th

Expo Watch Camera

Expo Watch

Expo Police Camera Expo Watch Camera

Expo Police Camera

Al Vista Panoramic Camera Al-Vista Panoramic Camera

Al-Vista Panoramic

Petal Camera Petal Camera

Tiny Petal Camera

Rose Beau Brownie

Beau Brownie

Wynne's Infallible Meter (papers)

Wynne's Meter

Bob Wilson highlighted some of the stereo, book and image items in the Auction.

Ontoscope Stereo/Panorama
Stereo and

Ontoscope Panorama Setting
Ontoscope Open - Septum
Ontoscope with back out
Stereo Kodak Model 1

Stereo Kodak
Model 1

Gem Tintype Album

Full Plate Tintype -portrait of a girl
Whole Plate

Ross 1901 Catalogue

Ross 1901

Holmes Style Stereo Viewer Goerz Catalogue

Chicago Camera Club 1931

Chicago 1931
Show Catalogue

Books on General Photo History
Needle Case Stanhope


Needlecase Stanhope Stereo Lens Board with Brass Barrel Lenses

Stereo Lenses
on a board


3D Hollywood by Harold Lloyd
Harold Lloyd
3D Hollywood

Living Pictures (1899)
Ivory Binocular Stanhope

Tiny Stanhope
Ivory Binocular

Letter Opener Stanhope

Letter Opener

Robert Wilson's interest is stereo, books and images making him well qualified to identify and evaluate those items in the Shean auction. There are 173 book lots including 65 instruction books, 13 catalogues (mostly copies), 9 price guides, 3 photo annuals, 25 books on general history/collecting, 8 lots of magazines, and books like Harold Lloyd's 3D Hollywood and the 1899 book on movies, Living Pictures.

Gerry Loban showed various reasonably valued cameras from Kodak and Russia in the auction.

1865 Pantoscop (predecessor to Hypergon)
Article on the Hypergon

and I talked about the Goerz Hypergon and its predecessors.

Argus C3 Tan Argus C3 Top
Inexpensive Cameras
Kodak 35 bottom
Kodak 35 Top
Kiev copy of Contax
Kiev copy of contax Zenit SLR
Kodak 35 Kodak 35 Kiev - opened Zorki copy of Leica

The Hypergon wasn't available until the March meeting (click for Hypergon page), So I brought my Pantoscop extreme wide angle (c1865) based on the same sharply curved double meniscus design and some material courtesy of Stephen Gandy at Camera Quest.

These are just a few of the items shown and described during the evening. You can listen to the full talk on tape. Contact our Curator, Mark Singer for details.

Well that's it for this month. More information on the Shean Auction is available in print (our 48 page illustrated auction catalogue was released March 2003). NOTE:The Shean Auction pages were taken down in December 2003, eight months after the auction ended.

The majority of the images on this page were taken with Nikon 990 digital camera and adjusted in Photoshop. Please note that all images are ©2003 by the Photographic Historical Society of Canada and may be used if the source is mentioned. Hover to see a description of the image. Click the image to see a larger version.

The paper on the Goerz Hypergon is courtesy of Stephen Gandy who lives in California and takes great delight in the wonderful old cameras and lenses. Stephen in turn credits Mike de Punte for the images in his paper.

Bob Carter

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