These photographs were taken at recent Photographica Fairs by the society's official photographer, Robert Lansdale. The prints were scanned in gray scale, and the gamma adjusted to better match the limited dynamic range of the computer monitor. Gray scale and resolution were also reduced to balance rendition and download speed. Click on any image to see it 2X bigger. The originals are the usual high quality Leica images.

Crowd Scenes from our recent Photographica Fairs

Not all dealers are buyers The sign says it all... Folding the folders.!

Interesting Finds at our Photographica Fairs

We occasionally have cine equipment like this unusual old cine camera show up at the fairs. Telephoto Cine Camera
Horizontal Enlarger In the early years before quality electric illumination was widely available, horizontal enlargers like this were common. The illumination was solar, gas, or kerosene.
Marg Lansdale showing off a "hand held" 8x10 camera... Given the plate speeds of the day, this camera design may not have been a great success... Marg Lansdale with a hand held 8x10
mini camera On the other hand, this style of camera was definitely usable hand held! The COMPUR shutters were fitted to a wide range of cameras manufactured by many companies.
This ancient cine projector showed up at the spring fair. Old cine projector

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