These photographs were taken at recent Photographica Fairs by the society's official photographer, Robert Lansdale. The prints were scanned in gray scale, and the gamma adjusted to better match the limited dynamic range of the computer monitor. Gray scale and resolution were also reduced to balance rendition and download speed. Click on any image to see it 2X bigger. The originals are the usual high quality Leica images.

Interesting Finds at our Photographica Fairs

Child's Magic Lantern These old magic lanterns were popular in the 19th century. Illuminated by an oil lamp, the little toy projected a circular image. The slides, often hand coloured, were mounted six to a small disk.
Pim (second from left) and his father Frans (far right) are long time members of the society. Pim works behind the scenes on the printing of our journal. The Schryer family gathered around the studio camera at the fall fair last year after the fine old instrument was sold to an Asian gentleman who acquired it for a museum in the far east. Pim Schryer and his huge studio camera
Poco Stereo Camera A fine example of a turn of the century Poco Stereo camera. These cameras were made across the lake in Rochester.
Ryerson is a famous university level institution in Toronto which offers a degree in photography. Our fall fair attracts many students looking for good buys in usable cameras and accessories. Ryerson students admire a bargain
Voigtlander Daguerreotype Replica Shortly after the Daguerreotype was announced, Josef Petzval designed a fast lens for the new technology. Voigtlander designed this camera to take the new lens. After the user focuses the scene, he removes the cone on the left and replaces it with a small flat housing containing a circular daguerreotype plate. This replica was manufactured a few years ago by Voigtlander.
This fine old camera surfaced at the last spring fair. It is in excellent shape. The instrument may have been used for daguerreotypes rather than wet plates which usually damage the camera body beyond repair. Wet Plate Camera

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