These photographs were taken at recent Photographica Fairs by the society's official photographer, Robert Lansdale. The prints were scanned in gray scale, and the gamma adjusted to better match the limited dynamic range of the computer monitor. Gray scale and resolution were also reduced to balance rendition and download speed. Click on any image to see it 2X bigger. The originals are the usual high quality Leica images.

Crowd Scenes from our recent Photographica Fairs

Waiting for 10 am Excited collectors waiting for their favourite camera show to open.
A quiet section of the fair hall fills with enthusiastic collectors looking for that great find! Gentlemen, Start Your Wallets...
Selling the Images... Bob Wilson trades some some rare old images for more common modern ones.

Marge Addison with her family selling Kodak collectables. Marg and her late husband Jack were long time members of the society. Marge was membership secretary for many years while Jack filled many offices including president, editor and fair chairman. The Addisons have an extensive collection of Kodak cameras and memorabilia. Marge Addison
Show deal Lots of looking and bargaining goes on during the show as buyers snap up bargains from days gone by.
Antique eye examination instrument Stan White (left) and Ev Roseborough check out an old instrument used by eye doctors. Everett was so fascinated, he couldn't leave the show without it...

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