Movie Machine Society 10th Anniversary 1998


Our Past President and Fall Fair Chairman Larry Boccioletti was instrumental in arranging for the Movie Machine Society to celebrate its 10th anniversary here in Toronto.

The meeting Hotel was the Delta Chelsea in downtown Toronto, Ontarion Canada. The meeting ran from October 22 to the 24th 1998 with all participants invited to come to the PHSC Fall Fair on Sunday the 25th.

Both Larry and PHSC member Robert Gutteridge were be guest speakers.

The highlight of the convention was a trip to the Highland Cinema in Kinmount, Ontario. Owner Keith Strata has one of the largest collections of cinema artifacts, equipment and memorabilia in North America tucked away in this tiny village north of Peteborough. A past speaker at the PHSC, Mr. Strata has pieces of almost every movie theatre ever operated and closed in Ontario. The Highland is a fully functioning theatre showing vintage films during the summer season.

The trip began at 8:00 am on friday, October 23, 1998 when the bus (capacity 45 seats) left from the Delta Chelsea Hotel. Travel time was about 2 hours. The bus was due back at the Delta Chelsea around 4:00 pm. All motion picture enthusiasts--members or not--were invited to join the tour. The fare per person was $25.00 Canadian (about two coffees and a donut in US funds) including lunch.

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