Most talks are recorded on audio tape. Copies are available from the society. For more information, contact Mark Singer at Further information on this roster of speakers can be obtained from Gerry Loban.

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My Film Career - April 17th, 2002.

Teacher, author*, collector and cine-enthusiast Robert Gutteridge presents "My Film Career", a fascinating selection of film clips selected from his many personal film productions spanning some forty years. Don't miss this chance to see our local Cine expert showing his talent using the media he so avidly collects and researches! *Magic Moments.

The Wizard of Photography - March 20th, 2002.

Our March 2002 program was the video presentation "Wizard of Photography" which is available from PBS who aired it as part of the American Experience series. The video gives an overview of the life of George Eastman and his contributions to photography.

Thanks to photographer Scott Crawford who created this portrait in 1999 for a Discover Magazine series.

Grant Romer - February 20th, 2002.

Reflections on the Daguerreotype: 50 years of viewing photography's first images.

Grant Romer is the Director of Conservation at George Eastman House and a world renown authority on the Daguerreotype. Grant has received numerous awards, advised institutions world-wide, and presented papers on photographic processes at seminars and workshops in North America and Europe. His talk will be of interest to collectors, photographers, and historians. The public is invited to attend. Click for directions.

And by coincidence, the Discover Magazine link currently features "Photography, Old and New Again" an article contrasting our Vice-President Mike Robinson's Daguerreotype assignment at Massachusetts General with progress in hologram imaging (Feb 2002 issue).

Peter Sinclair - January 16th, 2002.

Peter will tell us about making Lenticular Stereo Prints -- something he is very familiar with at his studio in Toronto. Click on the image to the left to see an example of what can be done with this technique. The public is welcome to join us at this meeting. Click for directions.

 Dec 19th, 2001 Show & Tell Night.

This little slow speed adaptor from Leitz didn't show at this meeting (I brought a Stereoly instead), but a number of other items from members' collections did. Click on the above title to see the range of items presented. Each one has a separate page of details.

  Nov 21st, 2001 Canada's National Archives.

Andrew Roger from the National Archives discussed the differences between archival, museum, and gallery holdings; the features of the new Gatineau Preservation centre; and examples of holdings that are treasures to an archivist (and everyone else interested in the history of nationally significant organizations and individuals).

 Oct. 17th, 2001 PSA Hall of Fame #8 and WHIMSY.

Stan White presented a nostalgic look back over decades of Stereo photography with the 1997 collection from the Stereo Division of the PSA. As a curtain call, he presented his own tongue-in-cheek table top stereo show "WHIMSY".

 Sept 19th, 2001 - 50 Years of Collecting.

Founding member and past President Larry Boccioletti gave us insights into how he became excited about camera collecting, how he sold his collecting and why he is busy building a second one.

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