Andrew Roger

Andrew dropped in from Ottawa to tell us about the excellent National Archives of Canada. The Archives has items dating back the just before Confederation in 1867. This page shows some images from Andrew's slide show featuring the very new modern Preservation facility in Gatineau Quebec. An astounding building. The construction and materials are intended to minimize damage to old records.

The modern Daguerreotype of Andrew was taken before his talk by Toronto Daguerreotype photographer, Mike Robinson.

ANDREW's TALK. We were fortunate to obtain Andrew's talk in digital form. The material was edited by Bob Lansdale and reviewed by Andrew before being released as our second PHSC E-MAIL. You can click here to read the PDF file or download it. In the talk, Andrew covers the details on the Gatineau Preservation Centre as shown in these images.

ABOUT ACROBAT READER. You will need version 4 or 5 of Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download by clicking here. These versions have had problems working with Windows 95. One suggestion for Windows 95 users experiencing problems opening the Reader is to delete or rename the Acrobat Reader plug-in "DocBox.api" from the Adobe Reader folder. Or you can try the updated version of the file from Adobe by clicking here.

Visit the National Archives web site. There is material being added as quickly as the Archives can prepare it for display. Included is considerable information of interest to genealogists and well as historians.

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These images are courtesy of the National Archives of Canada. Please do not use them without obtaining permission from the National Archives. The images were captured from the screen during the talk using a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera. The images were corrected and cropped as required in Photoshop.

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